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Meet your coach. . .  My dream is to help you fulfill your dreams and live the life you were meant to live with passion, purpose, prosperity, power and joy.   I’ve been through many life changes and have learned that in spite of the turbulence, uncertainty, and challenges they bring, life changes present us with opportunities to uncover what is not working in our lives and to step more powerfully into who we truly are. We can be open and receptive to change or resistant.  I have been both and have learned that being open to change and prepared for it can make the journey an adventure.

 This is my story.  I had magically manifested a job that I loved with the exact salary and benefits that I wanted.  Life was good. My husband and I were doing things we enjoyed together. Our older daughter had finished high school and was finding her career path. Our younger daughter was a motivated student eager to go to college. Then my husband was diagnosed with malignant brain tumors. For the next 18 months my husband fought a courageous battle with the cancer and the side effects of radiation, chemotherapy and medications. Because we needed my income I continued to work full-time. Fortunately, we had wonderful caregivers for my husband during the day and I had the night shift. As hard as my husband’s illness was for all of us it brought an outpouring of love and financial support from family, friends and many others and strengthened our connection with our daughters.  After a year and a half my husband lost his battle with the cancer. My life changed and I was suddenly alone. My younger daughter was away in college. My older daughter was traveling for her work. I poured a lot of my energy into my work as a teacher. I loved my job but my life was out of balance, too much work and not enough fun. I kept up this pattern for a long time - 10 years. There was always some “good” reason I needed to work. There were signs that I should go ahead and retire but I was attached to my job and to my income.  I was making the mistake of thinking that my income provided my financial security.    

Then it happened. I got sick, too sick to continue working and had to retire.  I was in crisis.  It took many months for my health to improve. While I was recovering I spent a lot of time at home and alone. This gave me time and space to do deep reflection and inner work.  Western medicine had no treatment for my condition.  As I researched and used alternative healing modalities I learned a lot about energy medicine, neuroscience and the mind-body connection.  I was on a soul sabbatical, learning to reconnect to divine guidance.   As I healed I wondered what I would do with my life. I was drawn to enroll in a life coaching program.  Working with my “practice” clients led me to enroll in a second coaching program.  I had loved teaching but coaching has brought me even more joy.

 A crisis in my health compelled me to transform my life.  Losing my health was the catalyst for me to identify and release beliefs and habits that were not serving me, to develop new empowering beliefs, to learn new skills, strategies, tools, and habits and to build a life that is joyful and fulfilling. Today I am more fully who I truly am, loving and celebrating every moment of my life, even the challenging ones. There is more relaxation, balance, and fun.

 The tools and strategies I’ve learned as a coach have made it possible for me to help my clients navigate major life changes with more ease, to connect to their dreams and create lives they love that are filled with energy, passion, purpose, prosperity, and joy.

 What about you? What is your dream? What are the wildly improbable goals you would like to accomplish?  When you are ready to transform your life and become more of who you truly are I would love to work with you.

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